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Dr. Monica Syal presents Aero-Performance Considerations for the Design of eVTOLs at TVF2024
Mar 21,2024

At the heart of Silicon Valley, amidst the innovation hub of Santa Clara, California, the Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF) 2024 convened a global assembly of aerospace professionals from February 6–8. Celebrating its 6th Decennial VFS Aeromechanics Specialists' Conference, this prestigious event marked the 50th anniversary of discussions on emerging challenges and breakthroughs in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft technology.

Dr. Monica Syal, our esteemed Head of Flight Sciences, representing AIBOT, took center stage among the 11 plenary speakers, sharing groundbreaking insights on the design and aerodynamic performance considerations for electric VTOL (eVTOL) aircraft. In a presentation lauded for its depth and practical implications, Dr. Syal illuminated the critical aspects of eVTOL design involving aerodynamics, structural mass, acoustics, battery sizing, motor sizing, failure handling, and other key factors.

With a focus on multidisciplinary optimization, Dr. Syal's talk, "Aero-Performance Considerations for the Design of eVTOLs," addressed the complex interplay of factors influencing eVTOL design—from empty mass management and aerodynamic interference to the potential for increased range and reduced noise. Highlighting AIBOT's commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability, her presentation underscored the importance of early-stage modeling in overcoming the unique challenges of eVTOL development.

As the VTOL community looks to a future where urban air mobility transforms the transportation landscape, AIBOT stands at the vanguard, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Dr. Syal's contributions at TVF 2024 not only highlighted our expertise but also reinforced our dedication to pioneering solutions that will define the next generation of aerospace engineering.

For an in-depth exploration of Dr. Syal's insights and the innovative work at AIBOT, download the full presentation here.

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