Industry-Leading 1000V Propulsion System
High Power
High Energy
High Efficiency
Multi-axis Multi-dimensional
Advanced thrust-vectoring technology
Precise Control, Unmatched Performance, Smoother Rides.
Proprietary Control Algorithm
Control Allocation
Individual Thrust Delivery & precision control
Unmatched performance in both hover & cruise mode
Smoother ride made possible
Leading Edge turbulence dampening technology
Next - Gen aiFlying Platform
Revolutionary aiFlying: Enhanced Autonomy, Connectivity, and Urban Traffic Management.
Customized High Performance
Computing Platform
Full spherical sensor coverage
Situational Awareness Augmented
Camera & Radar Planned
Full Self-guided Flight Mission Capability
All-weather/time capability
AI-Infused cabin system
largest screen coverage in the market
Cabin Connectivity Reimagined
Dual 5G/Satellite Equipped, Enabling 100+Mbps speed anytime, anywhere
Enhanced Cockpit & Ground command system
piloting with ease of mind
Modern Urban Traffic Management System
Allowing Safer & Friendlier Skies